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Action Hero

Gemma Paintin and James Stenhouse share an interdisciplinary performance practice together under the name Action Hero. Since 2005, they have created performances spanning theatre, live art, installation, multi media and site-specific practice, which have toured to nearly 30 countries across 5 continents. Action Hero’s long form collaborative partnership has taken them to some of the world’s most prestigious and legendary performance contexts. They have taught at undergraduate and postgraduate level as visiting lecturers at several UK universities, and have led master classes world-wide. In 2013 they won an Austin (Texas) Critic’s Table Award for Watch Me Fall, and in 2016 were shortlisted for the Anti Festival International Prize for Live Art for their contribution to the field. They have two books published by Oberon. Action Hero are an Arts Council England National Portfolio Organisation. 

Photo: Paul Blakemore

Lea Aderjan

Photo: Lys Y. Seng

Building Conversation

Building Conversation is run by a collective of artists, all in their own way fascinated by what happens when we talk with each other. Inspired by conversation techniques from all over the world they execute and perform different conversations together with participants in cities all over Europe
Building Conversation calls attention to how we converse with one another.
Building Conversation is a ritual, a way of behaving, an exercise.
Building Conversation is like a collective free fall; you engage in conversation without knowing where you will end up.
Building Conversation is developed by a collective of artists.
Building Conversation is an initiative of Lotte van den Berg and Daan ’t Sas.
Building Conversation is a production of Third Space.
Building Conversation is performed and kept going by a growing group of people who are all fascinated by what happens when you meet in conversation.

Building Conversation is a project of the Third Space Foundation. In early 2015, the Third Space Foundation was established to support the theatre projects of Lotte van den Berg. Third Space, the third space, is neither the space of the existing physical reality nor that of fantasy. It is the space in which alternative scenarios for reality become possible. It is the space in which everything comes together, a space that brings together extremes without eliminating the difference. Within the framework of art, we create temporary public spaces, spaces between and among people, in which we elevate our social (in) ability to a subject and initiate an interpersonal process. The most valuable spaces within the arts are not the theatre or the museum, but the studio, the rehearsal room, the sketchbook. It is our goal to offer this practice room to the public.

Es gilt das gesprochene Wort

HAMBACH! is asking artists from different countries to express their own opinions on Europe and democracy, with the intention of shedding light on our fears and hopes. Referring to the 1832 Hambacher Fest with its speeches, a host of different voices will be heard and the audience is invited to join in the subsequent discussions. Most of the performances were developed for the International Theatre Project „Europe Speaks Out!“ that premiered on June 6th 2018, at Schauspiel Stuttgart (künstlerische Gestaltung: Armin Petras, Projektleitung Internationales: Alina Aleshchenko und künstlerischer Direktor/stellvertretender Intendant: Klaus Dörr).

The contributions are presented in the respective national language with German and English surtitles.

Alina Anufrienko, Russia
Cécile Auxire, France
Quim Girón, Spain
Tindaro Granata, Italien
Ant Hampton & Rita Pauls, Belgium/Great Britain and Argentina
Simos Kakalas, Greece
Janka Kopek, Hungary
Leonie Kubigsteltig & Carolyn Defrin, Germany and Great Britain/USA
Ioannis Tsemperlidis, Greece
Elif Ürse, Turkey

...and many more!

You can find a PDF of the program here and a virtual folder here.